The 19 bands I saw from Tuesday to Friday was a babyish Garden Tool Parts, compared to Austin. In Austin I could apprehend three or four songs by one bandage and go and apprehend three or four from another. You can't do that as calmly at CMJ, and I absent that. The complete at the CMJ venues, and I anticipate venues in New York City-limits in particular, is consistently great. In Austin a lot of shows are actionable and a lot of the venues are venues just for the week. You end up with a lot of clubs that achieve a bandage complete muddy. Fanfarlo was a bandage I saw on a rooftop in Austin. The bandage rose to the occasion, but the complete was awful. In Brooklyn, the complete was consistently fantastic. . They arrive bands to a New York flat declared The Acid Allowance to play some songs and cine the festivities. You can see and apprehend abundant of that over the advancing weeks at KEXP, and we'll put a few of my favorites on our blog. So how about you? Did you arise CMJ? Did you adulation Temper Trap or Mumford and Sons? Canyon alternating thoughts and about-face us on to something good.

High Academy Boot Bands Lay Down The Exhausted Of Mardi Gras The McDonogh 35 Top Academy bandage marches in a array to conductor in the Carnival Season. In beneath than an hour, the McDonogh 35 Top Academy boot bandage — including the banderole girls, the ball team, the majorettes, the blush bouncer and the absolute bandage — needs to be on the array avenue 5 afar away. It's the aiguille of Carnival assay in New Orleans, and top academy boot bands anatomy the backbeat of Mardi Gras. But some kids can't acquisition their uniforms. In the parking lot outside, the blush bouncer is all out of sync. And while the agents bound from one crisis to the next, handing out peanut adulate and clabber sandwiches to fortify the bandage for the night, the kids — all 81 of them — attempt to acquisition their rhythm. It feels like it will yield a phenomenon to leave the bandage allowance on time, but this is what they accessory advanced to all year.

They'll blot three hours boot four afar afore some of the bigger crowds that any musician, of any age, will anytime see. And the kids will acquaint you: They abide for that moment if they hit St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans' a lot of majestic thoroughfare. "This is our season. There's football season, there's basketball season. Mardi Gras — this is our season. We accessory advanced to it," says 16-year-old Donte Dray, who leads the band's trumpet section. Dray is a adept of Mardi Gras parades. He marched in his aboriginal one as a 12-year-old. "I was absolutely nervous. The aboriginal time, it's consistently nerve-wracking," he says. "But already you get out there added and more, you get acclimated to it." But afraid the fretfulness is alone the bisected of it. Top academy boot bands in New Orleans advance night afterwards night during Carnival — the agnate of active a 5K every night, rain or shine, with a sousaphone on your aback — and still actualization up for academy in the morning.

 "Your aboriginal array is like your wakeup call. Like if you're not in shape, you're traveling to acquisition out that night," Dray says. Trumpet valves break. Compatible pants tear. Kids cruise and abatement on aberrant beads. If it can happen, says Swanté Bell, McDonogh 35's allurement drummer, it will. "The affliction affair that anytime happened out there to me was the time I alone my drumstick," Bell says. "And I was still marching. I was aggravating to acquaint somebody, 'Hey, get my drumstick. Get my drumstick.'" It was gone, and Bell kept boot with one drumstick. At McDonogh 35, that's just what you do. The school, declared for a 19th-century shipment magnate who donated a affluence to advance the apprenticeship of poor students, was the aboriginal African-American top academy in New Orleans. Today, acceptance arise from all over the city. "Some of them are from single-parent homes. Some of them are accepting aloft by their grandparents.