This happens when you try to elaborate a lot anything. Have some time for your other activities too, don't spend too long on just one work, allocate time to all. On a separate index card, write down all the related references..
Let's face it; writing is not every body's cup of tea.
In the end, revise your Suitcase Trolley work from top to bottom, double check, and if found appropriate, represent it to your teacher. Whenever a student sits to write, he is blank or he may be able to jot down few lines, that is it for him, the rest of time he is thinking and whining about the content in hand. It is about organizing the material, researching it and then transferring it properly to the paper or other medium by taking care to the grammar and other linguistics. There are certain things to bear in mind before writing a thesis statement.
In your starting paragraph, you should mention the thesis statement; a thesis statement shows the purpose of your research. It is the main topic or a central idea of what the paper is all about. Be organized; prepare a schedule for the things that you have to do.
When ever a student is asked to write, he is feared by the inability to perform this task efficiently. Writing takes a lot of brain energy. The paper should show some sense in its organization and the content it contains other wise it will be wasted. Make a time table for doing things; you will need to take time out for your writing. Don't move away from your topic.
Be careful with the math part, check your statistical readings. All of these will help you to come up with supportive material. Try to avoid sitting late nights, which can affect your health adversely.
Try to have more of the quotes, they help to emphasis your idea with force and make them look more valid. Check your errors at the end after doing all the calculations. Use the author name, date page number at the top of the card. There are several things to be kept in mind before starting it. This will help you to identify foot notes and citations and make typing the references easy. First understand what you have to do, then divide it into different segments, decide what to do first and what later.
Some people use index color cards with separate main ideas, buy different color to color code your different main ideas. For an average size paper, you should have a Backpack Trolley month to collect the initial material required it all depends on what are you going to write, what is the nature of your subject.
Be specific, again this has to do with writing a lot.