Press the button displaying a coffee scoop, or turn the knob at right to set the taste. Now set the taste using the right-hand knob or coffee scoop display. Cord storage makes storing the coffee maker easy DeLonghi 12-Cup Digital Programmable Drip Coffeemakers Color: White 12-cup drip coffeemaker with digital programmable timer and 2-hour auto shut-off Showerhead design; aroma button for enhanced flavor and aroma of coffee Push-button controls; glass carafe; pause-and-serve function; non-stick warming plate Swing-open filter basket with permanent gold-tone filter; water-level indicator; cord storage Measures 8-8/9 by 10-8/9 by 14-2/5 inches; 1-year limited warranty DeLonghi DC 76T Coffee Maker DeLonghi electric drip coffee maker 24-hour programmable digital timer.

Pause & serve function interrupts brewing to pour a cup of coffee Swing-away 2-piece filter basket with permanent washable nylon filter Water level indicator indicates when unit requires refilled DeLonghi DC312T 14-Cup Drip Coffeemaker 14-cup drip coffeemaker with 24-hour programmable timer and 2-hour auto shut-off Showerhead design; aroma button for enhanced flavor and aroma of coffee Push-button controls; digital display; internal water-level indicator; washable nylon filter Glass carafe; pause-and-serve function; non-stick warming plate; cord storage Measures approximately 12-1/2 by 9-3/4 by 8-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty. Making Coffee First of all fill the bean container with espresso beans or ground coffee.

Preparing the Machine When you use your machine first time you have to turn your machine on and adjusted the language first. These models will be marked with coffee cup buttons that are full, half full, or slightly less than full. The push button control makes it simple to use. While using ground coffee, first add one more measuring spoon of coffee, and then press the single coffee cup button. If you are using ground coffee, you will first want to press the measuring spoon button . Numerous models will allow you to prefer a short, medium or long espresso.

For advisable results, use ground coffee that is made specifically for these Coffee machines. Press the single button for one cup or the double button for two." Meanwhile hot water will be out from the spouts while the machine performs an automatic rinse cycle. Turn the machine off after it has completed the automatic rinse cycle. Making good Coffee with a touch of the button and minimal cleaning, the machine grinds just adequate coffee for the cup you need just seconds before brewing for a rich, fresh cup of coffee.The DeLonghi Coffee Maker is an automatic Coffee machine manufactured in Italy. Depending on how coffee paper cup many cups you are making, place one or two cups under the coffee spouts. You can also make another espresso but you will have to wait until the buttons are steadily lit or display "Ready". Now place your cup for coffee under the forther and turn the stem knob in the direction of the clock, turn it halfway and return the knob double wall paper cup again when you find your cup filled 1/3 full.

Product characteristics Let us see some products details and its features: DeLonghi 4-Cup Drip Coffee Makers Color: Black Non-Stick warming plate for simple clean-up 4-cup (20 ounce) capacity Pause and serve function grants you to disturb the brewing cycle and pour a cup of coffee. Once this is complete, then you can fill the water tank and wait for the lights to stop blinking, or on some models, for the display to read, "Ready. The machine will automatically grind the beans, pour coffee, and then discharge the grounds into the used coffee container